Monday, February 5, 2007

My wonderful weekend

I had a really fantastic weekend with my kids and husband and I'm looking forward to many more stress-free weekends to come!
We went swimming at a hot springs in Hagerman on Saturday (which is always fun.) We went camping there a few times this summer and had a great time so we thought it'd be fun to take a day trip. If anyone is interested here is the website: It is so fun and I highly recommend a private tub for just a few bucks more. It's great for a family with kids or just as a couple. FUN, FUN!!
Then we headed home, picked up PF Changs take out and took it to my brother Warren's house to eat. They live in the north end so we took a little jaunt over to Goody's for ice cream and then across the street to Harry's (my brother works there) for a little "adult dessert". We headed home to put the kids to bed and Warren and Casey came over and we talked and laughed (hysterically) until 3 am!! It was a really great time. I forgot how funny my brother is! I really like his fiance too, she is so fun and we love being catty together! :-)
On Sunday my mom came over and took the kids to church then my husband, his dad, Warren and I went out to the desert to do a little target practice. 2 weekends ago was the first time I shot a hand gun and I am ashamed to say that I am hooked!! I have always been afraid of guns but my husband and his family are really into target shooting (my husband is an "expert marksman") and I have tried to avoid it but I went a couple weeks ago just to "watch" but I ended up trying it out just to say I did it. Well, this was my third weekend! hee hee!
Later that night my husband took the kids to a super bowl get together at his friends house and I stayed home...all alone...pure bliss! I went to Target and bought a few things for my house that I'd been meaning to get but didn't have time. I also bought some really cute valentine goodies for my kids.
It was a really, really good weekend. I am loving being home more often and enjoying my family.
One thing I realized this weekend...I have nearly stopped taking pictures all together!! How sad is that?! I made myself a promise to document next week a lot better. Hopefully I will have some fun pics to share. I do have a picture on my camera phone of me shooting but I have no idea how to get it from my phone to my computer?! Anyone?

Oops..I almost forgot..they have 3 alligators in a pond (fenced of course) at the hot springs! Super fun for the kids. There is also an alligator farm and a really cool national fish hatchery in Hagerman. And...the road to the hot springs is "Thousand Springs Scenic Byway" and it goes past our newest state park! The nature Conservancy jsut gave Thousand Springs Nature Preserve to the state of Idaho. It's a really cool place.

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corinna said...

I have been to those Hot Springs! They are fabulous!
So glad to hear you are able to spend more time with your family... there is nothing like it... I remember the first several weekends of "freedom" for me... it was glorious, no mid-day, evening, late night trama 911 phone calls!
I remember my husband remarked to me how much calmer I was too. Truly glorious to be free.

Enjoy your new freedom and start taking photo's again. The 'art' of scrapbooking becomes a completely different serge of energy too. You will LOVE it.